Weapon Safe Handling & Tactical Qualification

Ubique founder and senior instruction staff being ex-Military Instructors have carried out Small Arms Weapons Training throughout the World in a number of conflict areas. It is very clear that Weapon Handling and Tactical awareness varies greatly dependant in which part of the World you may be operating in.

Ubique, in collaboration with the London Institute for City & Guilds, found the need to standardise the two areas relating to Weapon Safe Handling and Tactical Weapon movement / awareness and qualification live firing.

We have included these two areas within our IHSDP Ubique / C&G programmes as a standalone accreditation. The course content includes the Internationally recognised Normal Safety Procedures, Stoppage Drills and Marksmanship Principles for the Weapons Safe Handling accreditation and Dry Tactical Movement Awareness Exercises, Range procedures / Background Activities and a Live Fire Qualification shoot.

When personnel are on a rotation contract system re-qualification is required after every rotation of the Weapons Safe Handling Accreditation with the Live Fire element of the Tactical Units requiring re-qualification every six months.

Ubique also offer our Blue Card Passport for qualifying personnel. The Blue Card is a credit card style Passport detailing the individuals Biometrics with Photo Identification on the front of the Passport and a table index on the rear of the card indicating the weapons that individual has qualification on. The Passport is renewable yearly and clearly shows the City & Guilds accredited logo and level of competence.

The accreditations can be obtained either by using the IRT simulation system or using the real weapons of choice for that Country or Operation. The IRT simulation system is a training aid only and is not compulsory to use in obtaining qualification.


Weapon Safe Handling Certification

IHSDP. Weapons Safe Handling. ADIHS



Weapons Blue Card Presentation



Weapons Blue Card Passport

Weapons Safe Handling Passport Front


Weapons Safe Handling Passport Back