Ubique / City & Guilds IHS (International Instructors Qualification)

Due to the IHSDP programmes accredited on a International level. The London Institute for City & Guilds have stipulated as part of the Ubique accreditation that ALL Instructors who deliver the Ubique / City & Guilds IHSDP training programmes must have the minimum qualification in:

  1. Level 3 Education & Training. ( Formally PTTLS 3 )
  2. Knowledge Unit NVQ Assessor. ( Formally D32 / D33 A 1 Assessor )
  3. Knowledge Unit NVQ V1 Verifiers Certification.
  4. EDI, Equality & Diversity Certification
  5. IHSDP Advanced Accreditation
  6. Proven Sector Competency


Regardless of individuals qualification Instructors must meet the criteria, cross mapping or equivalent qualifications may be considered if the required standards are achieved.