IHSDP Advanced Accreditation (ADIHS)

The advanced diploma is intended for front line Senior and Executive Management working in hostile or high threat environments as well as senior managers and decision makers where operational knowledge or implementing security operations are required.

The IHSDP C&G Advanced Level (ADIHS) requires accreditation in the 8 core / compulsory Units plus accreditation in 12 Optional and 2 Specialist Units for full pass accreditation. This course goes more in-depth into each Units subject matter.


Core / Compulsory Units:

  1. Basic First Aid.
  2. Access Control.
  3. Behaviour Analysis. ( Profiling )
  4. Communication Skills.
  5. Risk Assessment.
  6. Conflict Resolution.
  7. Working as Part of a Team and Other Agencies.
  8. Search Technics, Person, Vehicle and Property.


Optional Units:

Students are required to achieve accreditation in 12 optional units that are taken from our extensive standalone catalogue that that are specific to their operational roles.


Specialist Units:

Students will be required to achieve 2 Specialist Units to complete this level of accreditation. The specialist units are pre-determined again allowing the student to achieve maximum levels of achievement in their respective duty or operational roles. We have the flexibility with the City & Guilds contract to be able to facilitate this area.

Students will undergo Classroom Tutorials, Practical exercises, Planning exercises including table top presentation and exercises, Private Homework Study and Research, Case Study preparation and Paper Presentation. Liaison and Collaboration without outside agencies for Operational and Emergency Planning Purposes. Stage process Examinations, Final Examinations. As with all IHSDP Programmes the course delivery is based in the UK NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) system therefore will include periods of on job / assignment assessment and mentoring as conformation of student's retention of subject matter.

The course duration will be a minimum of weeks dependant on the student's capabilities that can be spread over a period of time and not restricted to 6 weeks constant learning. All students work will be compiled into a student portfolio which includes video classroom / practical exercise work and final verbal examination.