Ubique Worldwide Training Ltd.

Ubique Worldwide Training Ltd are experts in Force Protection, Close Protection and Aviation Security, specialising in providing integrated training services to clients in the United Kingdom, USA, Middle East, Africa and UAE. With 30 years' experience in areas of conflict, together with our use of state of the art technology, our service is second to none.

Ubique Worldwide Training Ltd was incorporated in 2012, to provide specialised training to a select group of individuals and their assets worldwide.

Due to the increase in threat level from criminals, terrorism and even the general public, Ubique then expanded into operations with our highly experienced personnel providing a professional service that is flexible and adaptable, in order to meet our clients' requirements.

Ubique Worldwide staff are recruited from the armed forces and police service and have extensive experience in both military and civilian operations. This approach of combining military/ police experience with civilian training standards enables Ubique to operate to a much higher level of professionalism than our competitors.

Force/Facilities Protection

'Specialist Force and Facilities Security Protection Training' and 'Close Protection Training and Services' Internationally Accredited by the London Institute for City and Guilds, UK SIA, IHSDP Programmes.

Instructors Course

IHSDP programmes are internationally accredited. C&G have stipulated as part of the Ubique accreditation that ALL Instructors who deliver the IHSDP training programmes must obtain the IHS qualification.

Weapons Training

Specialist Weapons Safe Handling and Tactical Competency based on military expertise accredited by the London Institute for City and Guilds IHSDP Programmes.

Aviation Security

Specialist Aviation Security Training and Services compliant to ICAO Annexes 1 to 19. International qualification awarded through UK DFT/UK CAA/EU 300 and ICAO.

Specialised Security Training and Services

Specialist Force and Facilities Security Protection Training Internationally Accredited by the London Institute for City and Guilds IHSDP Programmes.


Specialist Force and Facilities Security Protection Training Internationally Accredited by the London Institute for City and Guilds IHSDP Programmes.

Why Choose Us

Company Mission

To be recognised as a leader in the provision of innovative, world class security services and training.

We will achieve our mission by:

  • Working with our clients to develop integrated security solutions and by supporting the continuation of the professional development of personnel.
  • Empowering our clients and their staff to fully recognise and reach their potential.
  • Thoroughly researching the security and training requirements of the organisation with our clients to develop and recommend solutions tailored to their specific needs.
  • Ensuring that our services provide clear business benefits and meet our clients strategic objectives.

Unique Selling Points

Modular qualification - The IHSDP allows the client to select the specific training content to suit their operational environment and requirements.

A multi level award - the IHSDP catering for all levels of security operations from 'operative' to security manager and executive level reposponsibility.

The only qualification of its kind to incorporate UK standards of training into a qualification designed for non-UK operations.

An organization enhancing capability - the IHSDP not only ensures a robust security infrastructure for your organization but also develops essential skills such as staff training, first aid, team management and communications.

Engaging training and tuition - the IHSDP is delivered by UK qualified staff with an ability to deliver realistic and relevant training enhanced with scenarios gained from real world experience.

Delivered by experts - The IHSDP is delivered by former military and civilian staff who, as a minimum are qualified to train in UK government regulated schools, colleges and educational establishments.

Our Core Values

  • Customer Focus: We promote close, open relationships with our clients which develop mutual trust as we work in partnership with them for the mutual benefit of both organisations.
  • Expertise: We develop and demonstrate our expertise through our innovative and leading edge approach in order to create and deliver.
  • Performance: We challenge ourselves to adhere to a culture of continual development and to improve performance through ongoing self-assessment and quality assurance.
  • Best People: We always take care to employ the best people, develop their competence and provide opportunity to inspire them to embody our values as well as those of our clients.

Our Expertise

Aviation ICAO
Facilities Protection
Close Protection
Weapons Training
Risk Assessment
Conflict Resolution


City and Guilds Accredited

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