International Homeland Security Diploma (IHSDP)

After 30 years' experience within the International Security Sector the founders of Ubique recognised changes in training requirements and the need for a standardised approach to training which is backed by an Internationally recognised certified standards authority.

This Internationally recognised training standard was in demand for Homeland, Force / Facilities Protection Security and Aviation Security based on ICAO Annex 17.

Historically other training companies only offer a self-certifying qualification system. This means no International recognised body was ratifying the certification and the quality of the Award.

Working in collaboration with a Uk College and the London Institute for City & Guilds the International Homeland Security Development Programme ( IHSDP ) was developed.

The IHSDP programmes are structured on 4 academic levels and delivered as per the UK NVQ, ( National Vocational Qualification ) system:


  1. Foundation in International Homeland Security (FIH)
    • 8 Core and 4 Optional units
  2. Intermediate in International Homeland Security (IIHS)
    • 8 Core and 8 Optional units
  3. Extended in International Homeland Security (EDIHS)
    • 8 Core and 12 Optional units
  4. Advanced in International Homeland Security (ADIHS)
    • 8 Core, 12 Optional and 2 Specialist units


The units are selected from our unit base to suit the students and employers requirements. The 8 core Units are compulsory they are.


  1. Basic First Aid.
  2. Access Control.
  3. Behaviour Analysis. ( Profiling )
  4. Communication Skills.
  5. Risk Assessment.
  6. Conflict Resolution.
  7. Working as Part of a Team and Other Agencies.
  8. Search Technics, Person, Vehicle and Property.


All students regardless of academic level must obtain qualification within the 8 core units, once the 8 core unit accreditation has been achieved further levels can be achieved with study in the optional unit requirement for that level.

The London Institute for City & Guilds have also given Ubique total flexibility to offer stand-alone subject accreditation in a number of subjects such as:

  • Risk Assessment and Planning ( Management )
  • Small Arms Weapons Safe Handling.
  • Small Arms Weapons Tactical.
  • Range Management / Safety.
  • Surveillance - Covert, Anti & Counter.
  • Defence & Tactical Driving.
  • Investigation Principles.
  • CCTV Operations and Surveillance.
  • Close Protection Operations and Principles, UK SIA.
  • Search & Screeners Operations.
  • Aviation Security based on ICAO Annex 17.
  • Static Security Guard. UK SIA.
  • Security Operation and Planning.
  • Conflict Management.
  • Occupational Health & Safety.
  • Door Security Principles UK SIA.
  • Condo Security.
  • Security Awareness.
  • Kidnap & Ransom.


In addition Ubique have the flexibility to include bespoke requirements into our IHSDP programmes.



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